An old "Newby !!

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An old "Newby !!

Postby peteW » 03 Apr 2011 11:09

Good morning, I have just arrived on here, brand new to the site.
I am a retired BR Goods Guard, 68 years young this year. I came about your site whilst trying to find information on GOODS BRAKE VAN STOVES and possibly where to buy one from. I have been after one for a long time, but cannot seem to "drop on", I live in Bletchley (Bucks), and travelling would not normally be a problem up to about 100 miles in either direction if I could find one.
Anyway I will continue looking through your site, it looks very very interesting.

Pete W
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Re: An old "Newby !!

Postby MacRat » 03 Apr 2011 14:20

Welcome to PD, Pete. Any chance you could pop your full name in the signature part of your profile please? Just shout if you need assistance with it.

Try this link for new guards van stoves:
Matt Stoddon
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