40145 to Inverness.

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40145 to Inverness.

Postby 50031 » 07 Sep 2009 09:43

Seeing as no one else has bothered.....
Top day out and the first SRPS tour I have done for many years, but well done to all involved.
Lots of noise and racket from 145 which as usual did what it does very well!
37/4s to Weymouth packed to the rafters with veg, or some odd train with a 37 at one end and a beancan at the other? No thanks. Only one place to be on Saturday.

Neil Morgan


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Re: 40145 to Inverness.

Postby D8069 » 07 Sep 2009 10:58

Indeed Neil, I can only agree with that. Back coach all the way there meant front coach all the way back and it was utterly awesome. The 46 minutes of continuous full power after departing Inverness had to be experienced to be believed, and I don't think there'll be a better thrash this year. Thanks to the SRPS and CFPS for a cracking tour. Even Mrs Me rated it!

Photos now online at: http://fcwg.fotopic.net/c1751980.html
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Re: 40145 to Inverness.

Postby Muffy » 07 Sep 2009 17:05

Thanks for the comments Neil and Martin, pleasure having everyone on board as usual.

Special thanks to CFPS for supplying the engine, the SRPS volunteers who were assisted by Compass stewards and the CFPS chairman for all there hard work in looking after the 350 passengers and to the staff at West Coast Railways(Peter, Brian, John, Gordon, Mick and Lindsay) for the operation of the train.

I enjoyed the trip very much and on the ECS coming back enjoyed a bewilidering run from Eastfield to just West of Lenzie station on the wrong line after the booked run round at Cadder was denied and the only way we could get out of Eastfield was go the signalled wrong line move out to Lenzie.
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Re: 40145 to Inverness.

Postby MacRat » 07 Sep 2009 18:36

Yep, a top day out - thanks to Muffy for organising it and to CFPS, SRPS & WCRC. Although on the way north we were almost next door to Ronnie, being the 2nd compo from the front on the way back meant 40145 could be heard excellently! First 40 tour I've done since Sep 2007, so nice to have some superior traction once again!

Ta to all those who contributed to 37175 as well ... even 50031 didn't escape!
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Re: 40145 to Inverness.

Postby DMShell » 07 Sep 2009 19:26

I would have done this - but again a lack of planning / co-ordination meant I missed out... :(
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Re: 40145 to Inverness.

Postby 31450xeIM » 24 Sep 2009 19:20

Having just seen this thread I thought I'd belatedly echo all the comments above. 40145 was absolutely superb as always, and in my opinion both the stock and atmosphere on SRPS tours is amongst the best of any contemporary operator. Well done Muffy and Co, plus all at the CFPS involved in this preparing for this jaunt. 50031 is right - there was just no choice to be made regarding what to do on this date!
Mark Sutton
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Re: 40145 to Inverness.

Postby dbt843 » 21 Oct 2009 18:16

31450xeIM wrote:in my opinion both the stock and atmosphere on SRPS tours is amongst the best of any contemporary operator. !

COuldnt agree more. AN effort to get to very often, but always well worth the effort. Especially with the PV next to the loco.
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