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37025 Update

Postby Muffy » 22 Dec 2015 23:39

Time for some good news

A short statement from our chairman.

Good evening

It gives me great delight in formally announcing that the Scottish Thirty-Seven Group’s locomotive 37025 has, as of 18th December, been registered for mainline operation.

I can also report that the steam heat boiler coil replacement has been a success with the boiler now rebuilt and insurance in place for its operation although final testing on Sunday is required before it can be signed off in time for the forthcoming Winter gala at Bo’ness.

We faced many challenges this year; equipment failure, supply chain problems and haemorrhaging of labour to other projects to name but a few. But we tackled each obstacle head on and whilst it's been an expensive, tiring and frustrating year for everyone involved, we've finally crossed the finishing line.

A big thanks to all those within the STG, SRPS Diesel Group and wider preservation movement for all their hard work over the years, whether that be for fundraising, restoring the locomotive or for any of the many unseen jobs.

Hopefully our loco has a long and successful mainline future ahead of it, with funds generated supporting both its upkeep and of course the restoration of our other loco, 37261.

Have a great Christmas and a great New Year!



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