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Fowler 0-4-0DM 4210xxx shunter group

Postby MayBe » 15 Feb 2012 00:43

I'm part of the team restoring our Fowler 0-4-0DM shunter, works numbers 4210132, here at the Swanage Railway. As we progress (slowly) with restoration there are all sorts of questions cropping up - some technical, some historical - and it occurs to me that others have probably hit these questions in the past, or will do so in the future (depending on the state of their locos). While the internet is a fantastic resource and makes information gathering a little easier, it would help so much to have it all in one place to start with, together with the contacts to share and exchange ideas with.

To that end I'm testing the waters to see if there is any support for the concept of a "Fowler 421 Owner's club" of sorts; this would be primarily a "virtual" club taking the form of online forums, galleries and databases. This would let us share news and information, ask questions, keep records (e.g. I need a replacement for the brake release spring - but what tension should it have? Once answered, the information would be there for any future reference...), pool resources (e.g. I found a supplier of rubber beading suitable for the front/rear window frames, but they will only supply it in large quantities; useless for me alone, but if half a dozen of us placed an order, it would be feasible).

I'm envisaging using a standard web-based package including a bulletin board etc, that would have public access to certain areas (so we can share news, events, historical data etc with general visitors) plus "Private" areas for owning groups only. I'm a web developer by profession and would be prepared to get the thing up and running, though once established any volunteers for maintaining aspects of it would be very welcome! Since this would be a "virtual" club, costs would be minimal and, if we could get even half a dozen members, I would suggest simply a one-off "joining fee" of absolutely no more than £10 for "life membership"; this would cover my domain name and hosting costs for some time. It may be that just using something like Yahoo groups might suffice, in which case of course no costs would be involved.

I realise there are other groups out there, such as (now quite out of date),, and the Yahoo group for all Fowler locos (though this doesn't seem to have any activity on it at all). We all have many demands on our time, but I hope that by providing a resource with a very tight focus, we might all be able to save ourselves a little time which could instead be lavished on our Fowlers.

I'll be posting this on the fora mentioned above, but if you are in touch with other Fowler 421 owners / groups, please forward it on to them.

If you'd be interested in supporting this group, please let me know; if there's sufficient interest we'll take it forward.
Thanks for your time,
Derek Pattenson
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Re: Fowler 0-4-0DM 4210xxx shunter group

Postby Shuntadun » 26 Feb 2012 22:47

I am involved in restoring a 420 and a 410. A general fowler dm forum and resource portal would be great and deffo somthing I would be interested in.
Keep in touch
Mike purvis
Mike purvis
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