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Help 37263 return to service in 2012

PostPosted: 23 Nov 2011 17:57
by 37263
Hi All

We are now having the final push to get 37263 back into servce, it is hoped that we can overhaul the power unit of the locomotive in 2012 after a long slog since early 2004.

I would like to appeal for Donations towards the power unit overhaul no matter how small.

I will be negotiating with the Dean Forest Railway a reduced rate rover ticket on any day over the course of the first 12 Months when the locomotive works a train. ( Proof of Donation Required ).

I shall also endevour to give the said people a cab ride on 37263 along the railway on any one day they choose, again proof of donation required.

It would be nice to know that you have made some sort of donation towards seeing 37263 return to service and everybody will be invited to the launch day of the locomotive when that is announced.

You can make your Donation however Big or Small by following this Link :

Many Thanks

37263 Locomotive Group