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Stolen: Northampton & Lamport: Signalling & point controls

PostPosted: 29 Oct 2011 16:33
by spotter4472
Items taken:
Cast iron Saxby and Farmer designed, L&NWR signal box locking room windows (7 of these are ex Lamport signal box and others and very distinctive)
L&NWR signal box levers (2, very distinctive)
Steel girder uprights for signal box lever frame (7 of and distinctive)
Mechanical facing point locks (approx. 5/6 + all associated stretcher bars and covers)
Mechanical signal wire detectors (approx. 25, including covers, floating bases, signal and point slides and switch and rail connecting bars, and switch extension pieces)
Stakes and small signal wire pulleys
Flat signal pulleys/frames (10” wheels and frames, with single, double and triple wheel assemblies and some 14” wheel/frame assemblies – estimate 40 units)
Vertical signal pulleys (unknown quantity – possibly 10–12 missing)
Vertical crank pedestals (comprising L&NWR/LMS and BR designs, some right angle and some half moon type cranks, and associated rodding jaws – approx. 20)
Quantity of point rodding roller units (multiple way units between 4 and 8 rods, approx. 50 units, some on stands and some just top units)

Stolen from: Northampton & Lamport Railway, Pitsford & Brampton Station,
When was it stolen: 28th or 29th October 2011 - detected on 29th October 2011.
Police Station Investigating: TBA, likely to be Northampton
Crime Number: NP/36900/11
Police Contact: TBA
Crimestoppers Contact No: TBA
Owners Contact Details: Tel: 01604 802327 ask for Gordon Titmuss or Graham Peacock
Any Other Relevant Info: Items needed to complete current extension works.
Link to further:
Photos of the type of items stolen can be found at short link or full link:

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Re: Stolen: Northampton & Lamport: Signalling & point contro

PostPosted: 29 Oct 2011 19:45
by MacRat
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Very sad news, let's hope the items are recovered.