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class 47701

PostPosted: 19 Oct 2011 00:28
by RML 2660
It is with regret that I must find a new home for my 47. She had her seals replaced but last winters conditions have caused more seals to give up and although we have been promised replacement seals have been ordered ( at least 6 months ago!) these havent materialised and all the volunteers working on her have become disillusioned and gone to other projects. I feel a new start on a railway with expertise in sourcing and replacing these seals is the only way this loco. will return to traffic.
She has been returned to a version of two tone green but we (my son and I) have decided to return her to Network Southeast livery within the next couple of years.
If anyone knows of a railway in the southwest that is looking for a class 47 to add to its fleet, please let me know. I have tried BWR (with no joy) and SDR but not received a reply.
Thankyou in advance.