Clayton Equipment company photo archive!!!

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Clayton Equipment company photo archive!!!

Postby KMRshunter_Mk2 » 25 Jun 2009 19:54

To day I paid a visit to W.W Winters an old photography shop on Midland road in the center of Derby, I had contacted them with regard to some photo negatives in thier company archive as back in the 1950-60 they were the main photography firm that did all the offical photos for the Clayton Equipment company.

My main reason of rgoing was to see if they still had photos of the Class 15's being built ay Claytons between 1959-61 also I'd hoped to see if they had any negatives of the Class 17 as well which were also built there, when I arrived I was taken into a disused darkroom at the back of the shop that is now being used as a store soom there they had set up a light table and various boxes of negatives were carried out and with the with the help of Joe one of the shop owners we looked through around 200 negs most of them large 8x6 negs some being on glass plates.

well there were vertainly lots of pics of narrow gauge electric mining locos which was Claytons main produce during the 1960's but this was of little interest to me, there was also quite a bit on some narrow gauge Bo-Bo Diesel Hydraulic shunting loco for the Jamaican Railway corporation, that was mildly interesting but what did catch my eye were a number of negative both B&W and Colour of the "Cuban 47's" a series of 10 locos that were built by Brush in the mid 1960s and bore a straiking resemblnce to the Brush Type 4 sold in this country, these locos were sold to Cuba under the Clayton name and here was a huge lot of negs showing detailed pics of the bogies, fuel tanks, roof sections and inside the body, pictures of the Sulzer 12LVA24 hanging in mid-air on a crane jib with generator attached, there were pics of final assembly, the locos ex-works outside in the yard and a picture of the locos on the dock side waiting to be shipped over seas, there was a mass of such pics, huge high quality negs around 40-50 of them both B&W and Colour, I know that the Cuban 47's might not be to everyone taste but there was something else there that might....

DHP1 Diesel Hydraulic Prototype 1, the Super Clayton, here is around 20 or so negs of this rarest of machines, again both B7W and colour, there were no pics of its being built that I could see but there were deatils pics of the bogies off the loco and some cab views, these pictures are like HENS TEETH!! and Winters is sitting on the mother load, there was also a few pictures of Class 17 parts, bogie pics, fuel tank and some strange etched artist impressions of what the locos might have looked like....

Needlees to say I did not find anything to do with Class 15 apart from a single side profile shot of a bogie, but when I saw the state of the archive strage room I can understand why it will take a long time to dig out the rest, there are hundreads of boxes of negs im this room and the rest of the clayton archive was inccessble at this time but I have Joe on the case and hopefully he will find something more specific as he slowly works his way through.

but that said I would like to know is there any interest out there in rare original archive photos of the Cuban 47's and DHP1? if so then get in touch with me and I can pass you onto winters :)
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Re: Clayton Equipment company photo archive!!!

Postby class47pp » 25 Aug 2009 17:22

The Cuban 47s is something I am interested in


Simon Lilley
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Re: Clayton Equipment company photo archive!!!

Postby martinf » 15 Jun 2014 22:36

hello I am too researching this loco for a possible model,and would also be intrested,found this thread by accident,regards martin.
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